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4 Decades with Trangia!

by Owen Couch
(Darrington, WA USA)

I bought my first Trangia in the late '70s when I began doing solo mountaineering in Washington's Cascade Mountains (USA). I saw it in the R.E.I. catalog and thought it looked minimalist cool so I had to get one! I spent some time with a couple different pressurized white gas stoves but the ease and simplicity of the Trangia can't be beat. Since the early '80s when I first got into search and rescue, through the '90s when I worked for various outdoor programs such as the Pacific Crest Outward Bound School, and led mountaineering trips on Central Mexico's volcanoes, right through to today backpacking and camping with my youngest son, there has never been a time that my Trangia cooker was not in my pack (well, except when it was out cooking of course.) It has been to the summit of every peak and mountain I've ever climbed as I always throw it in my ruck for emergencies. Somewhere along the line I lost my original '70s model, but I've been using a mid '80s model ever since. Trangias can't be beat. and they still look just as cool as they ever did in that 1970s R.E.I. catalog!

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