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My Trangia

My Trangia Set Up + Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

My Trangia set up usually consists of, the 27-2, series Trangia stove, with the addition of the Trangia multi-disc, stove bag and a few extra items stored inside the kettle, this can vary depending on the situation.

Here's an overview of various set ups I like to use, it maybe useful to you if you're just starting out, or looking to expand or upgrade your existing kit.

trangia inside billy can
billy can and trangia

My Tangia set up for car camping, or where weight isn't an issue, I usually include the 2.5L billycan, plus an extra frying pan that doubles as a saucepan lid or spare plate, this enables the set to cater for 3-4 people.

The Trangia stove, plus extra frying pan all fit together snuggly inside the billycan. Make sure you protect the surface of the frying pan (especially non-stick) with kitchen paper or something similar before you pack it together, this ensures you wont damage or scratch the surface of the frying pan whilst in transit.

For those that don't know, the billycan and extra frying pan don't come as part of the Trangia stove, they are purchased as separate Trangia accessories.

The Trangia Kettle is Great For Storing Additional Items.

With the Trangia burner and protective cover stored inside the kettle, there is enough space to left to store a few additional small items.

I have included a fire-steel and stricker, this produces a lot of sparks, it still produces sparks when its soaking wet, you know how it've been hiking all day, you get caught in a rain shower, all your kit gets wet, you find a place to shelter and want a hot drink or a meal to keep you warm, you set up the stove and yes, (you guessed it) your matches are soaking wet or you lighter wont work, you know the rest... lets not go there, just take a fire-steel instead !

Other items I have included in my Trangia set up are a folding spork and a scouring sponge.

Trangia kettle storage
trangia kettle and contents

The photo below shows my Trangia set up for car camping, I would remove the billycan and extra frying pan for backpacking, hiking, etc.

my trangia set up

Mini Trangia Set up

mini trangia with extras
packed mini trangia

My Trangia set up for the mini Trangia is fairly basic.

I have added a fire-steel, folding spork, and scouring sponge, that's just about all I need to get me through a short day hike or a short solo camping trip.

I really like the mini Trangias simplicity and lightness, the small pack size fits nicely in smaller type rucksacks and day packs.

As you can see, everything fits inside the saucepan to make a comprehensive little cook set.

I do hope the good folks at Trangia decide to make a hardanodized version, that would be great !

Other Items To Consider

A few other items I sometimes like to use with my Trangia stoves are a clip together cutlery set, salt and pepper pot, folding toast rack, and a small bottle of washing up liquid.

Obviously you can design your set up to suit your own needs, you're not limited to what's mentioned here, if you have any suggestions or you would like to share a few ideas, please leave a comment below, I would pleased to here from you.

trangia extras

If you want to buy a folding toaster, spork or a fire steel, click on the images below.

Highlander Folding Grill - Silver Fire Steel 2.0 Army Model - Light my Fire
Light My Fire Spork Titanium Stainless Steel Folding Spork

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

My Swiss army knives.

Victorinox swiss champ.

victorinox swiss champ

Victorinox huntsman.

victorinox huntsman

Side view.

victorinox knives side view

Ok so we're getting a bit of track, bare with me as I explain,

The Victorinox Swiss army knife accompanies the Trangia stove well, not only is it useful for cooking and food preparation, its also an indispensable piece of kit for general campsite use,

Victorinox make a vast array of different kife models, the 2 knives I like to use the most, are the Victorinox Huntsman and the Swiss champ, the huntsman has less tools than the swiss champ, nevertheless, I still prefer the huntsman, it has the tool selction I most use, also its lighter and fits in the hand better due to being narrower than the Swiss champ, however, the Swiss champ is a classic knife, its the top model in the Victorinox original knife series,

The Victorinox huntsman contains the selection of tools I fnd the most useful for camping, for example, the parcel hook is a great tool for pulling tent pegs out of the ground.

The scissors have many uses, and are an essential item for a first aid kit.

The super sharp wood saw cuts through wood with ease, useful for making tent pegs and kindling, can even be used for making emergency shelters, the list is endless.

And of course, 2 razor sharp knife blades, 1 large and 1 small, I use the large blade for food preparing and the small blade for general cutting .

The corkscrew does more than open bottles of wine, its great for untying tight knots, just thread the corkscrew down into the knot and pull up, this should pull up a loop, just enough to get your fingers around to untie, works well on wet bootlaces. 

Other tools include, can opener with small flat screwdriver, bottle opener with large flat screwdriver, tooth pick, tweezers, and a hole punch.

Click the images below to buy Victorinox Swiss Army knives from my Amazon shop.

Victorinox Swiss Champ with Leather Pouch Pocket Tool - Red Huntsman Pocket Knife, Grey Box - Red
Victorinox SwissChamp Swiss Army Pocket Tool XLT Voctorinox SwissChamp Silver-Coloured Silvertech

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