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T25 from around -65 modded for gas, overview all gear, pic of T25 and "hybrid kitchen", and the cups.

by Peter Andersson

2 years ago I got a new 25-3 as christmas gift from work. Didn't know I wanted one till I got it. It was instant love. Used it a few times, and shortly afterwards I got an old T25 from somewhere between -65 to -70 with a beautiful patina. The old gripper tells something about the age. This became the kitchen I always use, when going to the playground with my kids, going fishing and so on. It feels sturdier than the new one because it's thicker in the metal and so. So I sold the new one because it was never used after that. Modded the old kitchen for gas-burner recently.

Also I made a hybrid kitchen for single person use, which allows for cooking larger volumes of water. It consists of a 1.5l pot, the 18cm frypan for the T27 kitchen, a Trangia Triangle and a small multidisc.
Both the kitchen has gotten new straps and there is a multidisc for the T25 as well.
Got some Duossall vessels recently, the 1.75 and 1.5l pot and the 18cm frypan, all newly manufactured. Also got some cups recently, new as well. If contacting Trangia directly one can often buy stuff that's not on the market anymore. They make small series of such things from time to time.

Best regards from Trangia-country (Sweden)!

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