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Trangia Accessories

Trangia Accessories, The Perfect Additions for Outdoor Adventures.

Trangia make a whole host of accessories to accompany their camp stoves including, alternatives for different fuel use and many other Trangia accessories to make your outdoor cooking more enjoyable.

Lets take a look...

Trangia Fuel Bottles.

One of the "must have" Trangia accessories, the Trangia fuel bottle,

Available in 3 sizes,

  • 0.3L
  • 0.5L
  • 1.0L

Made from (virtually bomb proof) hard plastic, which means no more breakages in your rucksack and all your kit smelling of methylated spirit. 

Fitted with a safety valve for easy and safe refuelling .

In the highly unlikely event that you break or lose the safety valve, they can be purchased separately.

I always carry a spare in my rucksack, they weigh next to nothing and take up little space.

Trangia Gas Burner.

Trangia gas burners are designed to fit the same opening on the lower windshield as the meths burner,

The lower windshield on the trangia stove has an additional hole for the fuel line to pass through, and is then connected to a gas canister. 

Trangia offer an option to buy their camp stoves with a gas burner as an alternative to the standard spirit burner.

Trangia Multi-disc.

The Trangia multi-disc, the multi purpose accessory,

Its uses include,

  • strainer.
  • saucepan lid.
  • chopping board.
  • snow shoe for the lower windshield.
  • protector for non-stick frying pan.
  • serving tray.

Available in 2 sizes to fit the 25 and 27 series camp stoves,

Packs away neatly in side the trangia camp stove.

An indispensable piece of kit, once you've used one you wonder how you managed with out it.

I have used the multi-disc for years. I highly recommend them.

If you only buy one of the trangia accessories, make sure its this one.

Trangia Stove Bags

Trangia stove bags are available for both 25 and 27 series stoves.

Made from nylon, with drawcord opening.

Very useful for keeping your stove clean, also useful to store the strap and burner bag whilst cooking, can even be used as a mini ground sheet to stop cooking utensils, and food, etc, from contact with the ground.

Trangia Open Spirit Stove.

The open spirit stove is mainly designed for use with Trangia scouting and camping sets,

Its best to use a windshield, as the open design tends to allow wind to blow the flame sideways, away from the pan, inhibiting cooking time. 

Trangia Mess Tins.

Trangia aluminium mess tins come in 2 sizes, large or small with an optional plastic coated folding handle.

One of the very few mess tins on the market that has a tight fitting lid, this makes them very useful not just for cooking, but also for storing food or kit.

A popular item amongst survivalist and preppers for making survival kits with.

My personal favourite is the small size with folding handle, its the ideal size for cooking a meal for one person on a lightweight day hike.

Trangia BillyCans.

Trangia billycans are available in 2 sizes,

  • large 4.5L
  • small 2.5L

Both have notched handles, great for hanging over an open fire.

The large 4.5L billycan lid is fitted with an open style handle, where as the small 2.5L lid is fitted with a knob, why different handles I hear you ask ? ... well... I haven't a clue ? it would of made more sense to put open style handles on both, as this enables easy lifting with a stick whilst hanging over a camp fire.

Trangias 25 series camp stove fits nicely inside the large billycan, the 27 series camp stove also fits inside the small billy can.

Both billycans sit nicely on top of the Trangia stoves for cooking with the spirit or gas burner.

A very useful addition to your camp stove.

Trangia Winter Attachment.

Trangias winter attachment is designed for extreme cold weather use.

It comprises of a spirit burner with pre-heating cup and aluminium plate.

Meths is poured into the pre-heating cup and lit, this pre-heats the spirit burner, enabling the spirit burner to light easily. 

The Trangia Triangle.

Manufactured in stainless steel, included are 3 flexible side walls, burner support and storage bag.

The 3 sides simply clip together and the burner support is pushed down to the centre were it fits into the side wall slots.

The Trangia triangle can be used with both the spirit burner and gas burner.

Small, lightweight and very packable design, fits nicely in a mess tin or rucksack side pocket.

As with the open spirit burner the Trangia triangle is best used with a windshield.

Unfortunately, Trangia do not make a windshield to partner their open spirit stove or the Trangia triangle, maybe this is something they should consider adding to their line of Trangia accessories in the future.

Trangia Multi-fuel Burner.

One of the more expensive Trangia accessories, the multi-fuel burner.

It fits the trangia stove in much the same way as the gas burner.

The Trangia multi-fuel burner will burn gas and liquid fuels.

Discontinued Trangia Accessories

The following Trangia accessories are no longer available, although they can be bought second-hand, they are quite rare, demanding higher than average prices.

Trangia Candle Lantern, No.82

trangia candle lantern 82

The text on the box reads,

  • Closes down to such a small package, it fits into your pocket. When in operation, the candle is continuously fed, so that the flame is always at the same level. The isinglass is replaceable. Sturdily made out of aluminium. - Swedish design. Comes with a chain for hanging.
  • 11x2"; closed: 5x2"; 5 1/2 oz

This was the first style of candle lantern Trangia produced, the design was later changed for the T-light version.

Its very difficult to obtain the correct size candles for this model, hence the T-light model is more popular.

Trangia Candle Lantern, No.83

trangia candle lantern 83

The text on the box says,

  • Made of aluminium, with unbreakable windows. Lit by warming candles. Norrijus No.3810 for example. The lantern is primarily intended as a tent lantern, spreading both light and warmth. It is collapsible, takes little space and is easy to use. Total length 100x50mm. Weight 50 grams. Warning: Hang the lantern free from inflammable objects.

Trangia Cups

trangia aluminium cups

Trangia cups are made from aluminium, they have a capacity of 0.3L

The curious looking handle has a hole, presumably for easy gripping and hanging,

Discontinued Trangia accessories have become collectors items the Trangia cup (being very rare) is no exception.