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Trangia Instructions

Before we read the Trangia instructions, lets take a look at the various trangia components that make up the stove set.

Lower windshield.

trangia lower windshield

kettle, frying pan, 2x saucepans one with measurements on the side.

trangia saucepans, frying pan and kettle

Upper windshield.

trangia upper windshield

Strap, simmer ring, burner, lid, pan grips, and bag to store the burner in

The first time you unpack your Trangia stove, remember how it comes apart, so you can repack it the same way again.

To set up and use a Trangia stove is simplicity itself.

Just follow the 4 step, Trangia instructions, on how to use a Trangia, and the safety guide, and you will be on your way to cooking your first outdoor feast.

How To Use a Trangia Stove

how to use a trangia

Step 1,

Unpack the Trangia stove, place the lower windshield on a level surface, with the side ventilation holes facing into the wind (this adds combustion) Remove the simmering ring and lid from the brass burner, then place the burner in the hole provided in the lower windshield.

how to use a trangia

Step 2,

Now fill the brass burner three quarters full with methylated spirits.

Its best to use the Trangia fuel bottle, as it has a safety valve that ensures safe filling and refuelling.

how to use a trangia
how to use a trangia

Step 3,

Light the burner using a lighter, match, or even a spark from a fire steel will work.

Be observant, as the flame produced from methylated spirit is nearly invisible in daylight. you may think its not lit. carefully hold your hand 6-8 inches over the flame to check if its lit, alternatively, drop a small blade of grass into the burner, the flame colour will be more visible.

After a few moments the flame will ignite through the jets (little holes around the top edge) producing a steady flame that looks similar to a gas cooker.

how to use a trangia
how to use a trangia

Step 4,

To attach the upper windshield, place it on top of the lower windshield, gently rotate until it drops over the lugs and fits securely, older models don't have lugs on the windshield, they simply sit on top.

With both windshields now attached you will notice three pan supports around the inside top edge of the upper windshield, these can be positioned either up or down, the down position is for the kettle and both saucepans, the up position is for the frying pan.

That's it, it really is that simple, you're now ready to start cooking with your Trangia stove.

how to use a trangia
how to use a trangia

how to use a trangia

Finally, when you have finished cooking, simply drop the simmering ring (NOT THE LID) over the flame and on to  the brass burner unit, this will extinguish the flame.

Wait for the burner and simmering ring to cool down before packing away.

Trangia Instructions, The Simmering ring

trangia simmering ring
trangia simmering ring

The trangia simmering ring is duel-purpose.

when the cap is in the closed position, its used to extinguish the flame.

When the cap is half or fully open, its used as a simmering ring to regulate heat for slow cooking.

To close or adjust the simmering ring whilst in use is a bit tricky, the best way I have found, is to use the pot grips and tap it to its desired position, you may want to remove the upper windshield to make this easier. 

Alternatively, remove the simmering ring from the burner using the pot grips and then adjust.

Now you have read the Trangia instructions, please read the following safety tips.

Safety Tips

Although Trangia stoves are designed to be very safe and easy to use, I recommend reading the following safety tips, and always read the Trangia instructions that come with your stove.

  • NEVER refill a lit or hot burner, ALWAYS wait until the burner has cooled down sufficiently enough to be able to hold the burner in your hand before refuelling.
  • NEVER use inside a tent, unless its a large, well ventilated pourch area,be certain the stove is a safe distance away from any tent fabrics etc.
  • NEVER leave an emty pan on a lit stove (they can melt).
  • Always use the simmering ring (in the closed position) to extinguish the flame, NEVER use the screw top lid as the rubber seal will be damaged.
  • Finally, no ball games, or pets running around whilst you're cooking (for obvious reasons).

DISCLAIMER: The above information is meant as advice only, I will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, harm or injury caused by the use of any Trangia stoves or accessories.