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Trangia Models

trangia sizes

There Are Currently 3 Different Trangia Models ,

There are currently 3 different Trangia models , manufactured in 3 different materials.

  • The 25 series is the largest, designed for 3-4 people.
  • The 27 series, designed for 1-2 people.
  • The 28 series, or "the mini Trangia" as its commonly known, designed for the solo adventurer.

Pan capacity,

  • 25 series, kettle-0.9 litres, 2 saucepans-1.75 & 1.5L frying pan-22cm
  • 27 series, kettle-0.6 litres, 2 saucepans-both 1 litre, frying pan-18cm
  • 28 series (mini Trangia) 1 saucepan-0.8L frying pan-15cm

The Trangia 25 & 27... 3 Materials, 16 Options.

The 3 materials currently used for Trangia stoves are ,

  • Ultralight aluminium,
  • Hardanodized Ultralight aluminium,
  • Non-stick coating,

All current trangia 25 & 27-UL stoves come with Ultralight aluminium upper and lower windshields,

All current trangia 25 & 27-HA stoves come with Ultralight-Hardanodized upper and lower windshields,

Both come with, strap, brass alcohol burner with simmer ring and screw top lid with an O-ring rubber seal, & aluminium pot grips as standard,

The list below shows 8 options for the different pan, kettle and material configurations available in the current Trangia 25-UL range.

A further 8 options are available with the 25-HA by replacing the UL windshields with HA giving 16 options in total, this information also applies to the 27-UL and 27-HA Trangia stoves

  • key to abbreviations;
  • UL= Ultralight aluminium
  • HA= Hardanodized Aluminium

The series 25-ul has 8 options to choose from,

  • 25-1 no kettle, all UL aluminium pans
  • 25-2 has kettle, all UL aluminium pans
  • 25-3 no kettle, non-stick frying pan, 2 UL aluminium saucepans.
  • 25-4 has kettle, non-stick frying pan, 2 UL aluminium saucepans.
  • 25-5 no kettle, all non-stick.pans.
  • 25-6 has kettle, all non-stick pans.
  • 25-7 no kettle, all HA pans.
  • 25-8 has kettle, all HA pans.

Trangia also make a gas burner attachment that fits both the 25 & 27 stoves.

The Trangia gas burner fits inside the same opening as the brass spirit burner, the gas hose is then passed through the hole in the lower windshield and connected to a gas bottle.

Mini Trangia 28

The Stove For The Solo Adventurer

The mini Trangia 28 is an ideal 1 person stove, it differs in design compared to the 25 & 27 series stoves, it doesn't share the same upper & lower windshield configuration, instead it has a small aluminium burner stand that fits the brass burner unit,

The mini Trangia comes with the following

  • Aluminium 0.8 litre saucepan.
  • Aluminium 15cm non-stick frying pan, doubles as a pan lid.
  • Lightweight pot grips.
  • brass burner,simmering ring, screw top lid with rubber O-ring seal.
  • Aluminium burner stand.

Below Photo,

Trangia size comparison.

From left to right, Trangia 25, Trangia 27, mini Trangia 28.

trangia size comparison

So whatever outdoor stove you might require, whether its for a family camping trip, or a solo cycling tour around the world, you can be sure to find a Trangia model that suites your needs.

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