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Coffee! Not rated yet
I posted earlier about my old cookset and just saw the post about the adaptor for smaller pots. I have a couple of these that I made up so I can brew …

Battered old design stove Not rated yet
I'd like to know a bit more about my first Trangia (one of several I have). I bought it second hand in the late 1980's. I have lost track of which burner …

Trangia burner screw cap variants Not rated yet
These images show the warning instructions stamped on top of the screw cap of my Trangia burners, showing how many variants there far !! …

4 Decades with Trangia! Not rated yet
I bought my first Trangia in the late '70s when I began doing solo mountaineering in Washington's Cascade Mountains (USA). I saw it in the R.E.I. catalog …

T25 from around -65 modded for gas, overview all gear, pic of T25 and "hybrid kitchen", and the cups. Not rated yet
2 years ago I got a new 25-3 as christmas gift from work. Didn't know I wanted one till I got it. It was instant love. Used it a few times, and shortly …

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Thanks to Miodrag from Serbia for sending in these photos of a superb condition stainless steel Trangia, lots of nice detailed pictures to look at here! the last picture of the box shows which model/material the Trangia is, and it does actually say "stainless steel" and not Duossal.


I received a recent message form Miodrag stating he had contacted Trangia and they had confirmed that they did supply stainless steel pots for a short time between 1990-1995 , the stainless steel pots were not made in the Swedish factory but made in China. 

Many thanks to Ken from Canada, for sending in the latest photo of the new Trangia pot adapter.

Ken said; Here is a picture of Trangia's new pot adapter for its Storm Cookers.  It works on both the T27 and T25 units allowing one to use pots with smaller bases.  It is not yet on the Trangia website.  It sells here in Canada for $12.50.

Thanks to Alan from the USA for sending in these 3 photos of his 1960s Trangia camping set.

The first photo shows the packed camping set with original 1960s strap, another sure sign that this is a 1960 model is the Trangia logo on the pot grips, also notice the 1960s pot grips never had holes along the handle unlike the modern version.

Here's some photos sent in from Ken in Canada,

Trangia bug-out kit. with mess tin, burner, and Trangia triangle.

Nice clean example of a 1970s Trangia burner.

Trangia 25-7, mint condition with original 1997 box.

A very nice 1970's Trangia storm cooker with kettle.

Ken said the following:

I thought I would send along another picture of the 70's era burner I have - showing both the earlier version simmer ring, screw cap (all in Swedish) and the "T" shaped Trangia logo.  The brass is in far better condition than the picture indicates.

Below are 6 photos of a KAP Arctic set up from a Swedish visitor,

 Above you will find a few pictures of my Arctic.  It's lived an evolving life ever since my occasion-seizing purchase in Kiruna early in '88.  Now it's got DuoSSAL pots and frying pan, it's got a customised 1.4 litre kettle (usually this is way to large to fit inside the kit, something an hour in the sheet metal shop edge-roller took care of = wider/lower), better and smaller fuel bottles, the plate from the winter kit now complements the bottom sheet-plate from the Arctic, the gas burner (for non-winter use) and lots of other 'upgrades'...
One was, a just-for-fun project: operating the heavy brass Arctic liquid fuel burner on propane - which in the end was successful, but rather impractical since the Trangia gas burner is way lighter.  But it was fun getting over/past all the various obstacles in making it happen... :-)