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Trangia Timeline 

Many thanks to Malin Bergman & the good people at Trangia SE for supplying the Trangia timeline and allowing me to use it on this site.

The Trangia timeline is an excellent guide to help date your Trangia stoves, with dates staring from 1925 up to 2010, this is rare and invaluable information for any Trangia collector or enthusiast, the list of dates and production changes will not only help you identify the model and approximate age of your Trangia, it has useful information about "some" Trangia accessories too.

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1925 -The company Trangia starts to produce cooking ware for households

Around 1935 - produces the first camping set, no 24.
1951-  the first prototype to the Trangia stove was finished, model 25.

End of  50th - the Trangia stove comes in a smaller model, 27

Early 60th - the holder for the burner moves from upper to lower windshield

1964-1976 - Produced the larger burner for the Military Mess kit for the Swedish Army (the kit is not a Trangia item)

Early 70th - hooks and the ring on the windshield is changed to stainless steel

Early 70th - the handle is now made with air holes

1969 - fry pan in nonstick

1979 - winter attachment to the burner

1987 - saucepans in nonstick

1985 - Mini Trangia,  originally made for multi sport competitors

1988 - Gas burner is available to the Trangia stove, manufactured by Scorpio & later Epi Gas

1988 - the windshield is manufactured with bayonet coupling

1993 - sauce pans and fry pan in Duossal (stainless steal/aluminum)
1995 - the Gas burner is made by Primus
1998 - sauce pans and fry pan in Titan

2001 - multidisc 27+25 is available

2002 - Multifuel burner from Optimus

2006 - new thinner material in sauce pans and windshield,Ultralight aluminum & hard anodized

2010 - Multifuel burner is made by Primus

2010 - Trangia Triangle is available

2010 - Trangia is from before a registered Trademark but now also the Trangia Stove is a registered 3D shape which protect the stove from unlawful copying

I hope the Trangia timeline has been helpful to you, if you are still unsure about the model or date of your Trangia stove, please feel free to contact me, I maybe able to help by providing additional information, alternatively if you have any interesting information regarding dating/identifing any Trangia products I would be pleased to here from you.

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